Wome Deluxe Hotel Alanya/Antalya TURKEY 4-6 NOV 2016


**Symposium Program**

Following the first national symposium held in Gaziantep in 2013, the 2nd Symposium on Environment and Morality was organised at international level by Adıyaman University, Academic Platform (AP), the Association for Solidarity of Environmental Organizations (ASEO) and the Environment Foundation (EF). 

We are quite happy to announce that the 3rd International Symposium on Environment and Morality/Morals, ISEM2016, will take place in Alanya-Antalya, between 4th and 6th of November, 2016, with the co-operation of ASEO, AP, International University at Sarajevo (IUS), Sakarya University, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University and EF.

The major environmental problems in the world in general term seems to be increasing and the problems are basically treated upon though the ineffective daily solutions.

The news regarding increasing climate change due to global warming as a result of excessive amount of carbon emissions and the air pollution problems because of very serious uncontrolled production policies by some countries have reached a level that is presented in the form of daily routine news texts.

However, it is a terrifying fact that regional environmental problems tend to grow to become highly effective global problems.

This symposium is unique with regard to providing a perspective to discuss the real causes of the environmental problems covered to some extend by some powerful organisations and states.

We hope that the symposium will provide an international platform in which the problems are not just discussed and expressed by presenting some data rather it is believed that the environmental problems are taken into consideration from the basic moral perspectives and approaches through the holistic togetherness of technical, economic and social branches.

There are many reasons in the emergence of environmental problems. These may be classified as overproduction, unnecessary consumption and huge amount of wastfulness.

A careful consideration of these components will reveal the fact that the essence of the problem lies in the perception of the individuals and societies resulting globally deteriorated social values as far as environment is concerned.

The content and message of this symposium is extremely important since it will bring the scientists all over the world from various fields to express the environmental problems from different point of views and expose the real solutions in terms of the source of the problem and things to be done.

It is strongly hope that the participation of public and civil society organisations will be realised at the highest level along with scientists so that radical debates and solutions are generated at the end of symposium.

The contribution you will provide for the understanding and solving of the environmental issues through the papers that you will present at the symposium is beyond any admiration.

We believe that it is surely important to participate in the symposium even as a listener to create a butterfly effect for a better future of the mankind throughout the world.

We would be honoured to host you at the symposium.