YTU Davutpasa Congress and Culture Center, Istanbul 24 - 26 September 2020


ISEM2020 was postponed.

The 5th International Symposium on Environment and Morals (ISEM2020) will be held on 24-26 September 2020 at Yıldız Technical University Congress Center with the cooperation of Environmental Foundation, ÇEKUD, Academic Platform and Yıldız Technical University.

The main theme of this symposium is “Interactions of Urbanization, Migration and Environment", which is one of the most important agenda items of the recent period, has significant effects on the social and physical environment of the society with the effect of migration events. It is very important to examine this issue in depth and to be effective on decision-makers.

Although efforts are being made to solve the increasingly important environmental problems in today's world, it is generally seen that the search for daily solutions continues.

Problems such as climate change associated with carbon emissions, very serious uncontrolled production policies in some countries and air pollution continue to threaten the viability of the world. Although this situation is considered on a global scale and takes place at the daily news, it is noteworthy that serious preventions are not taken. It is also a frightening fact that regional environmental problems grow and become global problems.

Organized firstly in 2013 in national and then in 20142016 and 2018 international symposiums, International Symposium on Environment and Morals(ISEM) have a pioneering feature in terms of presenting a perspective in which environmental problems are discussed as well as the underlying reasons.

In ISEM, not only the data representation where problems are expressed and passed, but also from a basic moral perspective, a rare international platform is formed where environmental problems are discussed together with experts in technical, economic and social fields.

In the emergence of environmental problems, besides excessive production and unnecessary consumption, there are many reasons such as waste. Therefore, it is clear that the issue of environment cannot be considered independent of moral values.

Factors such as change and deterioration of individual and social values are at the basis of environmental problems. The disappearance of some universal human values, which can be expressed as moral values in general, and the transformation from sociality to individuality are also important factors that increase the problems.

The tight connection of the environment with the moral values, which are increasingly felt and which have fallen off the agenda in national and international platforms, comes to the fore as the main subject of ISEM. It is evident in these symposiums that the moral values we have forgotten have the potential to offer solution-oriented approaches that are also important for the environment.

It is very important that the symposium will bring together scientists from all branches, and discuss what the issue is seen from different areas, the source of the problems and the ways to solve them as real solutions.

The symposium is planned to be attended by representatives of industry, non-governmental organizations and public institutions, as well as scientists.

It is very important that you participate as a listener in this symposium or contribute to the understanding and solution of environmental problems through oral and poster presentations.

We will be honored to host you at the symposium where all these issues will be discussed. 

Prof. Dr. Eyüp DEBİK
Yıldız Technical University, Depertment of
Environmental Engineering, 
Istanbul, Turkey